Jim Fanning is a fictional British art expert employed by the British Secret Service. The character appears in EON Productions' 1983 James Bond film Octopussy and was portrayed by British actor Douglas Wilmer.

Film biography

Jim Fanning is a fussy British Secret Service art expert and is first seen with M and the Minister of Defence, as they brief Bond about a fake Fabergé Egg which was recovered by 009 prior to his death. Fanning notes that the real egg (named 'Property of a Lady') is the fourth to recently turn up at auction. Curiously, the item was being sold by an anonymous individual with a Swiss bank account, which leads Fanning to surmise that its seller may be Russian. Bond is sent to accompany him to the sale at Sotheby's auction house in London, later that afternoon. Fanning notes the unusual presence of Kamal Khan, typically a seller of such items rather than a buyer, which in turn sparks a tense bidding war between Bond and Khan. Flustered at the rising price of the item, the bidding eventually concludes at half a million pounds; but not before 007 manages to swap the real egg for the fake.