Type 56-1

The Norinco Type 56-1 modified to resemble an AKS-74 as seen in GoldenEye is referred to as the "KF7 Soviet." It is shown with the hooded front sight distinctive to the Type 56, along with a long AK-74 style muzzle brake. During development, a slightly different model was used, labelled as AK-47." As with other weapons in the game with folding stocks, the stock is not present in the game. Like the "AR33" rifle, it is capable of firing fullauto by holding the trigger, three-round bursts by tapping it, or single shots by tapping while using the zoom mode. This is not a feature available on either the Type 56 or the AK-47, though some AK variants with 4-position fire selectors do exist.Appears in 007:The World is Not Enough as Soviet KA-57 though this version is a aks-47. The AKS-47 appears in the game, with the folding stock removed, as the "Soviet KA-57"


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