Kamran Shah is a fictional revolutionary leader who is a major protagonist in The Living Daylights. He is portrayed by Pakistani actor Art Malik.

Film biography

A revolutionary leader in the Mujahadeen, Kamran attempted to find information about the KGB, but is caught by them and thrown in a cell when they didn't recognise him. When James Bond and Kara Milovy are brought in for General Pushkin's 'murder', Shah tries to ask the guard what his sentence was and he replies that he will not be hang, but shot. After Bond uses his key-ring finder to stun the guards and fought them, Shah restrains one of them and Bond soon throws them in the cells before tossing a set of keys to Shah. When Bond and Kara are held at gunpoint by the revolutionary, Kamran arrives in the nick of time and convinces them they are not Russian.

After trading a lot of his raw opium for diamonds with the KGB, James sneaks into the truck and Kara tries to tell Shah to tail them, after he refuses, she steals his gun and rides off after them. Upon being stared at by his men, he soon goes off to follow Kara. During the raid, Kamran commandeers a digger and trashes a few barrack and showers blocks with it, before bailing it onto his horse after some men throw grenades at it. Kamran and his men soon retreat as the Russians soon corner them, he briefly turns around to pick up a wounded member before James soon drops a bomb onto the bridge they were crossing from the plane and the revolutionary cheers on in victory. Kamran and some men arrive late after Kara's performance because of some problems at the airport.

Behind the scenes