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Kerim Bey was Head of the British Secret Service's "Station T" in Istanbul and a prominent ally of James Bond. Portrayed by Pedro Armendariz, the character appears in the 1963 James Bond film From Russia with Love.

Film biographyEdit

Kerim Bey works in Istanbul and is the head of Station T, a Turkish intelligence branch that collaborates with MI6. He meets up with James Bond in Istanbul and guides him around and helps him getting the Lektor device.

When Kerim is almost killed by a bomb planted on the outside wall of his office, he and Bond try to discover who tried to kill him. They find out it was Krilencu. When going to a Gypsy Camp, Bond and Kerim are interrupted by Krilencu's men who attempted to kill Kerim. Kerim survives and says that he must kill him even after getting shot in the arm. Kerim kills Krilencu, with Bond's sniper rifle. He then helps Bond get on the train with the Lektor device, but is killed by Red Grant on the train.

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