The Kiss Kiss Club (Nassau, Bahamas) 1

Kiss Kiss Club interior shot, as seen in Thunderball.

The Kiss Kiss Club in Nassau, Bahamas is a fictional open-air beach nightclub where James Bond takes refuge from his SPECTRE pursuers in the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball.


Bond is kidnapped by SPECTRE assassin Fiona Volpe but escapes and is chased through a Junkanoo celebration and enters the Kiss Kiss club. Shot during his escape, he uses the club's restroom to dress his leg wound and mingles with the crowd as the King Erisson Combo plays. However, Fiona finds him and the pair dance together. She attempts to kill him, but is accidentally shot by her own bodyguard.

Behind the scenes

As with much of the film, footage of the Kiss Kiss Club and the preceding Junkanoo celebration were filmed on location in the Bahamas. Time magazine from June 11th 1965 notes how the producers built the 'Kiss Kiss Club' on Huntington Hartford's Paradise Island with "such style that one old Nassauvian remarked, 'Best damned nightclub on the island. They should have left it there.'"[1] In addition, the company "staged an out-of-season Junkanoo carnival parade for background shots" leading up to the confrontation at the club[1]. Hartford gave permission to shoot footage on his Paradise Island and is thanked at the end of the film.[2]



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