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"We trained you. Financed you. What would you be without us? A biological experiment? A physiological freak?"
― Klotkoff to Max Zorin[src]

Klotkoff is a character from the 1985 film A View to a Kill. He was played by Bogdan Kominowski.

Film Biography

KGB agent Klotkoff goes with General Gogol to reprimand Max Zorin for "assassinating" 007. During the meeting Klotkoff calls Zorin "a physiological Freak" which caused Zorin's lover May Day to lift Klotkoff up and throw him down. Later at Zorin's oil pumping station, Klotkoff and Pola Ivanova record Zorin discussing plans to destroy San Francisco's Silicon Valley. They also try to kill him with a mine. Pola manages to escape but Klotkoff is caught and forced to disarm the mine. Zorin then orders that Klotkoff be thrown into the intake pipe rotors which cut him to pieces.

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