Kommissar Becker is an Austrian police officer in the James Bond novel Nobody Lives For Ever.

Novel biography

Shortly after the deaths of Heinrich Osten and his five accomplices, James Bond locates Sukie Tempesta and Nannie Norrich, and an Austrian police force arrives. All three are interrogated with Becker telling Bond that he had taken over the investigation case from Osten yesterday, and learned from his case notes that Miss Moneypenny visited May twice, and on the second visit, Herr Doktor Kirchtum allowed Moneypenny to take May to a concert. Three hours before the kidnapping, the two women fell ill, and were escorted by two nurses and a doctor on an Austrian Airlines flight to Frankfurt, Germany. Four days later, Kirchtum was informed that they were kidnapped (in which he informed Bond).

A phone rings, in which Becker gives to Bond. The caller is Kirchtum who orders Bond to take Sukie and Nannie to the Hotel Goldener Hirsch, and to wait for further instructions. Then, a tape of May and Moneypenny in a panicked state is played over the phone. When Bond asks Becker if he heard the conversation, Becker replies "What conversation?"