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Kratt is Le Chiffre's right-hand henchman in Casino Royale. He therefore works for Quantum. Kratt was portrayed by Clemens Schick.

Film biographyEdit

First, Kratt is seen in Africa with his boss, Le Chiffre fetches money to Obanno.

Kratt was also present when Le Chiffre was with Madam Wu.

He assisted Le Chiffre at the Casino Royale in Montenegro during the high-stakes poker game to win back Obanno's lost funds. After Bond won the Poker party, Le Chiffre kidnaped Vesper. Bond followed her but he crashed his car when they set a trap. Then they took Bond and Vesper in a hidden shipwreck where they want to interrogate Bond. He and all of Le Chiffre's men are assumed deceased, shot by Mr. White off-screen.

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