Mr. Lachaise is a Swiss banker from the 1999 film The World Is Not Enough. In the film he acts as a middleman between MI6 and the anarchist Renard as the latter attempts to return Sir Robert King's money (which he has converted into a fertilizer bomb). He was portrayed by Patrick Malahide.

Film biography


Lachaise works for a private industrial bank, the Banque Suisse de L'Industrie in Bilbao, Spain. An unscrupulous individual, Lachaise has been involved in a number of deals with terrorists and other international criminals.

Stolen reports

Prior to the events of the film an MI6 agent was murdered and a classified report from the Russian Atomic Energy Department stolen from the man's body. An old friend of M, oil tycoon Sir Robert King, accidentally purchased the stolen document, believing it would identify the terrorists who had attacked his new oil pipeline.

Shortly after the transaction, Lachaise, a middle-man in the affair, offered to return Sir Robert's money; leading to MI6 sending James Bond to meet with the banker. Initially the meeting is relatively civilized, as Lachaise eagerly attempts to pass on the money. However, things become heated as 007 tries to extract information about the agent's murderer.

The banker threatens Bond, but the spy overpowers his bodyguards and holds him at gunpoint. Before Lachaise can reveal the assassin's name he is murdered by his female assistant - a throwing knife protruding from the back of his neck. In the ensuing chaos, both Bond and the assassin escape from the building.