Lalla Sadub was a character in the 1971 James Bond Comic Double Jeapordy.

Comic Biography

After attending Nursing School in the United States, Lalla was employed by Dr. Nicolai Basilescu to be a private nurse for his plastic surgery clinic that was being used by SPECTRE for creating doubles of world officials to gain money. She first met James Bond when he faked drowning off the coast of Morocco. The two then ate lunch in a nearby cafe, but Lalla gave no insight as to her work at Basilescu's villa. He then crashed a hang-glider into the villa and remained there for treatment. He quickly deduced Basilescu's crooked antics, and informed Lalla, who did not believe him. Because of this act of "conspiracy", Lalla was confined to a room in the villa with an armed guard. She was then able to coax him into letting his guard down and she smashed a vase across his face and took his gun to go and rescue Bond. Bond was then able to call MI6 to stop Basilescu's plans.

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