Lippe is a fictional SPECTRE operative who appeared in the 1983 unofficial James Bond film Never Say Never Again, portrayed by Pat Roach. The character is a re-imagining of the literary and film character who first appeared in Ian Fleming's 1961 novel Thunderball and was subsequently adapted for EON Productions' 1965 James Bond film of the same name.

Film biography

Unlike the previous versions of Count Lippe, in Never Say Never Again there is no mention of him being a count. Also he is not directly involved in SPECTRE's plot to have Jack Petachi (this film's version of François Derval/Angelo Palazzi) steal NATO nuclear warheads. Instead, he is merely an assassin sent by Fatima Blush to kill Bond at the health clinic. Unlike previous versions of the character, Lippe possesses almost superhuman strength, similar to EON characters Oddjob and Jaws. He and Bond have a fight that wrecks the building. As the fight between him and Bond reaches the clinic's samples laboratory, Bond grabs a beaker of fluid (revealed to be Bond's urine specimen) and throws its contents into his assailant's face; Lippe is seemingly blinded, moves back screaming in pain and collapses on a flasks shelf, impaling himself on the broken shards of glass, killing him.

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