Lisl Baum is a character who appears in the Fleming short story, Risico (which is part of the For Your Eyes Only short story compilation).

Novel biography

Lisl Baum is the mistress of smuggler Enrico Colombo, Lisl is sent to extract information from James Bond. At his restaurant, Colombo and Lisl intentionally quarrel to attract Bonds's attention, resulting with the her throwing a glass of wine over his face and leaving in a rage.

Bond, posing as a writer, avails of the opportunity to meet her and the pair share a taxi. Lisl invites Bond to meet her on a beach in Venice the next day. On the morrow, Bond goes to visit her, when three of Colombo's men approach. He runs away, but gets caught by Colombo.

At the end of the story, Colombo tells Bond about a custom in "uncivilized" countries for a man to offer his woman to his friend in payment of debt. He gives Bond a hotel room key, and tells him that Lisl is expecting him that evening.

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