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The James Bond novels and films are notable for their memorable villains and henchmen. Each Bond villain has numerous henchmen to do their bidding.

In particular, there is usually a privileged member who is a formidable physical threat to Bond and must be defeated by Bond to get the employer, from simply adept and tough fighters like Red Grant to ones whose physical characteristics are seemingly superhuman like Jaws.

Eon Productions henchmen

Dr. No

Henchmen Status at the end Affiliations
Prof. R.J. Dent Deceased (shot by Bond) Dr. Julius No
The Three Blind Mice Deceased (car crash)
Mr. Jones Deceased (poisoned self)
Annabel Chung Unknown
Chen Deceased (strangled by Bond)
Sister Lily Unknown
Sister Rose Unknown
Miss Taro Arrested Prof. R.J. Dent

From Russia with Love

Henchmen Status at the end Affiliations
Donald "Red" Grant Deceased (strangled by Bond) Col. Rosa Klebb
Krilencu Deceased (Shot by Kerim Bey)
Tov Kronsteen Deceased (poisoned by Morzeny) Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Morzeny Deceased (Set ablaze by Bond)
Rhoda Unknown Morzeny
General Vassili Unknown Soviet Army
Koslovski Unknown
Benz Deceased (shot by Grant)


Henchmen Status at the end Affiliations
Oddjob Deceased (electrocuted by Bond) Auric Goldfinger
Pussy Galore Alive (changed camp)
Mr. Ling Deceased (shot by Goldfinger)
Kisch Deceased (thrown to his death by Oddjob)
Jack Strap Deceased (killed by nerve gas by Kisch)
Jed Midnight Deceased (killed by nerve gas by Kisch)
Martin Solo Deceased (shot by Oddjob)
Jill Masterson Deceased (changed camp, killed by Oddjob)
Mei-Lei Alive
Sydney Unknown
Denise Alive (changed camp)
Capungo Deceased (electrocuted by Bond) Mr. Ramirez
Bonita Alive
Mr. Ramirez Unknown Unknown


Henchmen Status at the end Affiliations
Fiona Volpe Deceased (shot by her henchman) Emilio Largo
Vargas Deceased (harpooned by Bond)
Count Lippe Deceased (killed by Fiona)
Angelo Palazzi Deceased (drowned thanks to Largo)
Janni Unknown
Ladislav Kutze Unknown (changed camp)
Ricardo Unknown
Dimitri Unknown
Quist Deceased (fed to sharks thanks to Largo)
Col. Jacques Bouvard Deceased (strangled by Bond) Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Brinon Unkown Col. Jacques Bouvard

You Only Live Twice

Henchmen Status at the end Affiliation
Osato Deceased (shot in the body by Blofeld) Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Helga Brandt Deceased (fed to piranhas thanks to Blofeld)
Hans Deceased (fed to piranhas thanks to Bond)

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Henchmen Status at the end Affiliation
Irma Bunt Alive Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Grunther Deceased (impaled on spike by Tracy)
Gumbold Unknown
Braun Deceased (shot by Bond)
Felsen Unknown
Josef Unknown
Raphael Alive Unknown

Diamonds Are Forever

Henchmen Status at the end Affiliation
Bert Saxby Deceased (shot by a CIA agent) Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Mr. Wint Deceased (blown up)
Mr. Kidd Deceased (set ablaze)
Tiffany Case Alive (changed camp)
Professor Dr. Metz Unknown
Dr. Tynan Deceased (killed by Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd)
Joe Deceased (exploded by Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd)
Mrs. Whistler Deceased (drowned)
Peter Franks Deceased (killed by Bond)
Morton Slumber Unknown
Shady Tree Deceased (shot by Mr. Wint)
Bambi Arrested
Thumper Arrested
Marie Unknown

Live and Let Die

Henchmen Status at the end Affiliations
Tee Hee Johnson Deceased (defenestrated by Bond) Dr. Kananga
Baron Samedi Alive
Whisper Unknown (presumably suffocated)
Solitaire Alive (changed camp)
Rosie Carver Deceased (shot by Kananga’s scarecrow)
Adam Deceased (blew up)
Dambala Deceased (shot by Bond)
Sales Girl Alive
Evans Unknown
Leroy Unknown
Hector Unknown
Cab Driver Unknown

The Man With the Golden Gun

Henchmen Status at the end Affiliation
Nick Nack Alive (arrested by Bond) Francisco Scaramanga
Andrea Anders Deceased (shot by Scaramanga)
Hai Fat Deceased (shot by Scaramanga)
Lazar Alive
Kra Deceased (frozen)
Chula Alive Hai Fat
Gibson Deceased (shot by Scaramanga)
Ling Po Unknown
Hassman Unknown (kicked unconscious by Bond)
Rodney Deceased (shot by Scaramanga) Unknown
Ahmed Unknown (knocked unconscious by Bond)
Rahman Unknown (knocked unconscious by Bond)

The Spy Who Loved Me

Henchmen Status at the end Affiliations
Jaws Alive Karl Stromberg
Naomi Deceased (blown up by Bond)
Sandor Deceased (fall to his death by Bond)
Liparus Captain Deceased
Max Kalba Deceased (bitten by Jaws)
Aziz Fekkesh Deceased (bitten by Jaws)
Felicca Deceased (shot by Sandor)
Dr. Bechmann Deceased (exploded by Stromberg)
Professor Markovitz Deceased (exploded by Stromberg)
Sergei Barsov Deceased (shot in the body by Bond) General Gogol (possibly)
Martine Blanchaud Unknown


Henchman Status at the end Affiliation
Jaws Alive (changed camp) Sir Hugo Drax
Chang Deceased (thrown off clock tower by Bond)
Blonde Beauty Deceased (possibly)
Museum Guide Deceased (possibly)
Lady Victoria Devon Deceased (possibly)
Countess Labinsky Deceased (possibly)
La Signorina del Mateo Deceased (possibly)
Mademoiselle Deladier Deceased (possibly)
Samuel Unknown

For Your Eyes Only

Henchmen Status at the end Affiliations
Emile Leopold Locque Deceased (car crash caused by Bond) Aris Kristatos
Erich Kriegler Deceased (defenestrated by Bond)
Apostis Deceased (stabbed and fell off cliff)
Hector Gonzales Deceased (shot by Melina) Emile Leopold Locque
Claus Deceased (harpooned by one of Columbo's men)


Henchmen Status at the end Affiliation
Magda Alive (changed camp) Prince Kamal Khan
Gobinda Deceased (knocked off plane by Bond)
Mufti Unknown
Mischka Deceased (hit in the head with a cannon) Prince Kamal Khan
General Orlov
Grischka Deceased (stabbed with a throwing knife)
Lenkin Arrested General Orlov
Kamp Unknown
Yo Yo Killer Deceased (eaten by crocodile) Mufti
Colonel Toro Deceased (exploded) Unknown
Major Dexter Smythe Deceased (suicide)

A View to a Kill

Henchmen Status at the end Affiliation
May Day Deceased (changed camp, explosed) Max Zorin
Scarpine Deceased (killed in blimp explosion)
Dr. Carl Mortner Deceased (killed in blimp explosion)
Jenny Flex Deceased (drowned)
Pan Ho Deceased (drowned)
Bob Conley Deceased (drowned)
W.G Howe Deceased (shot by Zorin)
Gerry Unknown

The Living Daylights

Henchmen Status at the end Affiliations
Necros Deceased (fell off plane) Brad Whitaker
General Koskov
Imposter 00 Deceased (car explosion caused by Bond)
Colonel Feyador Deceased (blown up by grenade) General Koskov
Sergeant Stagg Deceased (shot by Pushkin) Brad Whitaker
Ula Yarkhov Unknown KGB
Natasha Zarki Unknown

Licence to Kill

Henchmen Status at the end Affiliations
Dario Deceased (pulverized) Franz Sanchez
Milton Krest Deceased (put into decompression chamber)
Perez Deceased (died when truck drove off cliff and exploded)
Braun Deceased (died when truck drove off cliff and exploded)
Ed Killifer Deceased (fed to shark)
Truman-Lodge Deceased (shot by Sanchez)
Heller Deceased (impaled by fork lift)
Professor Joe Butcher Alive
Honorato Alive
President Hector Lopez Alive (changed camp)
Mr. Tan Alive
Clive Deceased (harpooned by Bond) Milton Krest
Bill Deceased


Henchmen Status at the end Affiliation
General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov Deceased (shot by Bond) Alec Trevelyan
Xenia Zirgavna Onatopp Deceased (crushed)
Boris Grishenko Deceased (frozen)

Tomorrow Never Dies

Henchmen Status at the end Affiliations
Richard Stamper Deceased (died in Explosion) Elliot Carver
Henry Gupta Deceased (shot by Carver)
Dr. Kaufman Deceased (shot in the head by Bond)
General Chang Arrested
Captain Scott Deceased (shot by Bond)
Timblin Unknown
Philip Jones Alive
Tom Wallace Alive
Mary Golson Alive
Jeff Hobbs Alive
Beth Davidson Alive
Satoshi Isagura Unknown Unknown

The World Is Not Enough

Henchmen Status at the end Affiliations
Bullion Deceased (shot by Zukovsky) Elektra King
Gabor Deceased (shot repeatedly by Bond)
Davidov Deceased (shot by Bond)
Dr. Mikhail Arkov Deceased (shot by a Renard's henchman) Renard
Trukhin Deceased
Giulietta da Vinci Deceased (blown up)
Lachaise Deceased (stabbed with a throwing knife)

Die Another Day

Henchman Status at the end Affiliation
Miranda Frost Deceased (stabbed by Jinx) Gustav Graves
Zao Deceased (Impaled by diamond chandelier)
Vlad Deceased (sucked out of plane)
Mr. Kil Deceased (lasered by Jinx)
Dr. Alvarez Deceased (shot by Jinx)
General Han Deceased (sucked out of plane)
General Li Deceased (sucked out of plane)
General Dong Deceased (sucked out of plane)
Van Bierk Arrested

Casino Royale

Henchman Status at the end Affiliation
Valenka Deceased (likely shot) Le Chiffre
Kratt Deceased (shot)
Alex Dimitrios Deceased (stabbed)
Leo Arrested
Adolph Gettler Deceased (shot) Mr. White
Steven Obanno Deceased (strangled by Bond)
Tall man Deceased (crushed by elevator)
Vesper Lynd Deceased (drowned)
Mollaka Deceased (shot by Bond) Alex Dimitrios
Carlos Deceased (blew up)
Vanya Bor Deceased
Heni Marville-Beau Deceased (shot)
Izzie Sawakowa Deceased
Fisher Deceased (shot by Bond) Dryden
Dryden Deceased (shot by Bond) Unknown

Quantum of Solace

Henchman Status at the end Affiliation
Elvis Deceased (incinerated) Dominic Greene
General Medrano Deceased (shot by Camille)
Edmund Slate Deceased (stabbed by Bond)
Greene's Driver Deceased (shot by Bond)
Carlos Deceased (shot by Bond) General Medrano
Lieutenant Orso Deceased (killed by Camille)
Craig Mitchell Deceased (shot by Bond) Mr. White
Yusef Kabira Arrested
Guy Haines Unknown
Gregor Karakov Alive
Moishe Soref Alive
Haines' bodyguard Deceased (Shot by Greene's Driver) Guy Haines


Henchman Status at the end Affiliation
Patrice Deceased Raoul Silva
Sévérine Deceased (shot by Silva)


Henchman Status at the end Affiliation
Mr. Hinx Deceased (pulled from out of a train) Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Marco Sciarra Deceased (kicked out of a helicopter by Bond)
Max Denbigh Deceased (fell off building in confrontation with M)
Lorenzo Deceased (thrown off balcony by Bond)
Blofeld's Butler Deceased (died in helicopter crash)
Mr. White Deceased (shot himself)
Moreau Alive
Dr. Vogel Alive
Guerra Deceased (killed by Mr. Hinx)
Abrika Alive
Marshall Alive
Valerian Alive
Francesco Deceased (shot by Bond)
Marco Deceased (shot by Bond)
Gallo Deceased (shot by Bond) Marco Sciarra

Non-Eon henchmen

Casino Royale (1953 TV special)

  • Basil (Gene Roth)—Shot by Bond
  • Zoltan (Kurt Katch)—Survives
  • Valerie Mathis (Linda Christian)—Survives

Casino Royale (1967)

Never Say Never Again

  • Fatima Blush (Barbara Carrera)—Blown up by pen grenade used by Bond
  • Lippe (Pat Roach)—Killed by Bond due a chain reaction of events, where Bond throws a urine speciimen in his face, temporarily blinding him and causing him to lose balance and fall into a shelf full of beakers, breaking them. The broken glass apparently severed a vital artery as he bleeds to death.

Video game henchmen

007: Agent Under Fire

007: Nightfire

007: Everything or Nothing

GoldenEye: Rogue Agent

  • Oddjob—Thrown over rail by GoldenEye

James Bond 007: Blood Stone

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