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The James Bond novels and films are notable for their memorable villains and henchmen. Each Bond villain has numerous henchmen to do their bidding.

In particular, there is usually a privileged member who is a formidable physical threat to Bond and must be defeated by Bond to get the employer, from simply adept and tough fighters like Red Grant to ones whose physical characteristics are seemingly superhuman like Jaws.

Eon Productions henchmenEdit

Dr. NoEdit

From Russia with LoveEdit



  • Vargas (Philip Locke)—Harpooned by Bond
  • Count Lippe (Guy Doleman)—Blown up by Fiona
  • Fiona Volpe (Luciana Paluzzi)—Accidentally shot by henchman
  • Colonel Jacques Bouvar (Rose Alba and Bob Simmons)—Strangled with fireplace poker by Bond
  • Dr Ladislav Kutze (George Pravda)—Unknown; changes sides by helping Domino to escape and renders the atomic bomb on board the Disco Volante useless
  • Angelo Palazzi (Paul Stassino)—Drowns, courtesy of Largo
  • Quist (Bill Cummings)—Fed to sharks by Largo
  • SPECTRE Agent No. 9 (Clive Cazes)—Electrocuted by Blofeld after being found guilty of embezzlement
  • SPECTRE Agent No. 11 (Cecil Sheng)—Survives
  • Janni (Michael Brennan)—Dies when the Disco Volante crashes

You Only Live TwiceEdit

On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceEdit

Diamonds Are ForeverEdit

Live and Let DieEdit

  • Tee Hee (Julius W. Harris)—Thrown out train window by Bond
  • Whisper (Earl Jolly Brown)—Unknown, last seen trapped in an airtight container
  • Baron Samedi (Geoffrey Holder)—First shot, then thrown into a coffin full of poisonous snakes by Bond; later revealed to have survived
  • Adam (Tommy Lane)—Blown up by Bond
  • Cab Driver (Arnold William)—Blown up in boat crash
  • Rosie Carver (Gloria Hendry)—Shot by gun hidden in mouth of Kananga's scarecrows
  • Sales Girl (Kubi Chaza)—Unknown
  • Dambala (Michael Ebbin)—Shot by Bond
  • Casual Assassin (Alvin Alcorn)—Unknown
  • Solitaire (Jane Seymour)—Changes sides; Survives

The Man With the Golden GunEdit

The Spy Who Loved MeEdit


  • Jaws (Richard Kiel)—Changes sides and survives
  • Chang (Toshirô Suga)—Thrown through clock face into piano by Bond
  • Tree assassin (Guy Delorme)—Killed by Bond with a "missed" shot while pheasant hunting
  • Drax's Girls — Survives

For Your Eyes OnlyEdit

  • Erich Kriegler (John Wyman)—Thrown through window and off a cliff by Bond
  • Emile Leopold Locque (Michael Gothard)—Shot in shoulder and kicked off cliff in car by Bond
  • Hector Gonzales (Stefan Kalipha)—Shot with crossbow by Melina
  • Apostis (Jack Klaff)—Knocked off cliff by Bond
  • Claus (Charles Dance)—Harpooned by Columbo's men


  • Magda (Kristina Wayborn)— Changes sides; survives
  • Gobinda (Kabir Bedi)—Knocked off plane by Bond
  • Mischka (David Meyer)—Bludgeoned with cannon by Bond
  • Grischka (Anthony Meyer)—Stabbed by Bond
  • Lenkin (Peter Porteous)—Arrested by the KGB
  • Hired thugs (William Derrick, R.J. Bell, and Ravinder Singh Reyett)—One killed by octopus (either poisoned or suffocated); one shot in neck by (possibly poisoned) dart; one eaten by crocodile
  • Colonel Toro (Ken Norris)—Killed in explosion

A View to a KillEdit

The Living DaylightsEdit

  • Colonel Feyador (John Bowe)—Killed by grenade
  • Imposter 00 (Carl Rigg)—Killed in exploding car
  • Necros (Andreas Wisniewski)—Falls from rear of a cargo plane whilst having a mid-air fight on a dangling cargo net with Bond
  • Sergeant Stagg (Derek Hoxby)—Shot by Pushkin

Licence to KillEdit


Tomorrow Never DiesEdit

The World Is Not EnoughEdit

Die Another DayEdit

Casino RoyaleEdit

Quantum of SolaceEdit


Non-Eon henchmenEdit

Casino Royale (1953 TV special)Edit

  • Basil (Gene Roth)—Shot by Bond
  • Zoltan (Kurt Katch)—Survives
  • Valerie Mathis (Linda Christian—Survives

Casino Royale (1967)Edit

Never Say Never AgainEdit

  • Fatima Blush (Barbara Carrera)—Blown up by pen grenade used by Bond
  • Lippe (Pat Roach)—Killed by Bond due a chain reaction of events, where Bond throws a urine speciimen in his face, temporarily blinding him and causing him to lose balance and fall into a shelf full of beakers, breaking them. The broken glass apparently severed a vital artery as he bleeds to death.
  • Jack Petachi (Gavan O'Herlihy)—Dies in car crash due to python thrown by Fatima.

Video game henchmenEdit

007: Agent Under FireEdit

Main article: 007: Agent Under Fire
  • Nigel Bloch (J. B. Blanc, voice)—Shot with rocket launcher by Bond
  • Carla the Jackal (Roxana Orteg, voice)—Knocked into fan by Bond
  • Reginald Griffin's clone (Michael Ensign, voice)—Unknown

007: NightfireEdit

Main article: James Bond 007: Nightfire
  • Armitage Rook (Richard Whiten, voice)—Knocked into fan by Bond (PC version)/shot by Bond (console version)
  • Makiko "Kiko" Hayashi (Tamlyn Tomita, voice)—Incinerated by Bond in missile silo

007: Everything or NothingEdit

Main article: James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing
  • Katya Nadanova (Heidi Klum)—Blown up by Bond, dies in plane crash
  • Jean Le Rouge (Marc Graue)—Shot by Bond
  • Jaws—likeness (Richard Kiel)—Unknown
  • Arkady Yayakov—Crushed by sphere

GoldenEye: Rogue AgentEdit

Main article: GoldenEye: Rogue Agent
  • Oddjob—Thrown over rail by GoldenEye
  • Pussy Galore—Survives
  • Xenia Onatopp—Thrown off Hoover Dam by GoldenEye

007: From Russia with LoveEdit

Main article: 007: From Russia with Love
  • Eva (Maria Menounos)—Dies when plane crashes into door in OCTOPUS base
  • OCTOPUS Commando Team—Leader shot down from jet-pack by Bond; Assassin shot by Bond; Bearded Assassin crashed into Big Ben

James Bond 007: Blood StoneEdit

Main article: James Bond 007: Blood Stone
  • Greco (Luis Soto, voice)—Gets killed by Bond
  • Bernin (Ramon Tikaram, voice)—Falls to his death after Bond kicks him off a ledge

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