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The James Bond novels and films are notable for their memorably despicable villains and henchmen. From Le Chiffre's encounter with Bond in the original Casino Royale novel in 1953 to Colonel Moon/Gustav Graves' assault on the Korean Demilitarized Zone in the 2002 film, Die Another Day, Bond's foes have been one of the most important reasons for the book and film series' continued popularity.

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers! Plot and/or ending details follow.

Main villains

Official movie villains

Film Villain Portrayed by Objective Objective Failed Fate
Dr. No Dr. Julius No Joseph Wiseman Sabotage American missile tests. Bond overloads the nuclear reactor in No's base causing the toppling device used to sabotage the tests to overload and disable Lowered into his own reactor coolant and boiled to death. Unable to escape due to metal hands.
From Russia with Love Rosa Klebb Lotte Lenya Acquire Russian decoding device, humiliate the MI6, and assassinate James Bond by sending Red Grant to kill Bond in revenge of their old chief scientist Dr. Julius No's death. Bond acquires the device for MI6 and England, kills Grant, and survives Klebb's attempt to kill him. Shot in the chest by Tatiana Romanova.
Ernst Stavro Blofeld Anthony Dawson (body), Eric Pohlmann (voice) Survives
Goldfinger Auric Goldfinger Gert Fröbe Detonate an atomic bomb in Fort Knox, irradiating the bullion stored there to make it useless and increase the value of his own gold. An American technician disables the bomb before it can detonate. Sucked out of a depressurising plane through a shattered window.
Thunderball Emilio Largo Adolfo Celi Use stolen nuclear missiles to extort money out of the UK. Missiles destroyed by Bond and the U.S. coast guard before the ransom money was delivered. Shot in the back with a harpoon from a speargun by his mistress, Domino.
Ernst Stavro Blofeld Anthony Dawson (body), Eric Pohlmann (voice) Survives
You Only Live Twice Ernst Stavro Blofeld Donald Pleasence Capture US & Soviet spacecraft from orbit in order to provoke war between the superpowers on behalf of an undisclosed Asian country. Bond uses a self-destruct button in Blofeld's lair to destroy the Bird 1 spacecraft which catches other spacecraft. Survives.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Ernst Stavro Blofeld Telly Savalas Extort the world with viruses that destroy crops and livestock. Bond with the help of Marc Ange Draco destroys the laboratory where the viruses are being developed before they can be released. Survives. Assassinates Bond's newly married wife on the Bonds' honeymoon.
Diamonds Are Forever Ernst Stavro Blofeld Charles Gray Create industrial laser attached to satellite, magnified by diamonds, capable of destroying targets anywhere on Earth, including the world nuclear stockpile of countries that refuse to pay him. Bond smashes his Mini-Sub multiple times like a wrecking ball against the control room of Blofeld's lair to disabling the satellite. Survives. (This is not revealed until the opening scene of For Your Eyes Only, where he is disfigured and in a wheelchair.)
Live and Let Die Dr. Kananga / Mr. Big Yaphet Kotto Distribute worlds largest cache of heroin, free of charge on the market, which will drive all the other drug cartels out of business, increase the number of addicts, and give Kananga a monopoly on the heroin market Quarrel Jr. destroys his poppy fields. Inflates and explodes after Bond forces a compressed-gas capsule down his throat.
The Man with the Golden Gun Francisco Scaramanga Christopher Lee Acquire the Solex Agitator, a vital component for solar power plants, and sell it to the highest bidder; kill Bond, the one man he thinks is his equal. Bond kills him and steals the Agitator for MI6. Shot in the heart by Bond in the Hall of Mirrors.
The Spy Who Loved Me Karl Stromberg Curd Jürgens Destroy the world, starting by using hijacked US and Soviet submarines to fire nuclear missiles that destroy New York and Moscow (which would trick the world's governments into a nuclear holocaust); rebuild civilisation under the sea. Bond redirects the missiles' coordinates so that the missile fired by each sub hits the other. Shot four times through tube under his dining table and above table by Bond.
Moonraker Sir Hugo Drax Michael Lonsdale Destroy all human life on Earth by using a poisonous gas infused into specially designed globes, rebuild humanity from carefully chosen breeding stock. The space station containing the poisonous globes was destroyed by US Marines, and the three globes that were launched were destroyed by Bond and Holly Goodhead before they did any damage. Shot with poison dart gun and forced into outer space by Bond.
For Your Eyes Only Aris Kristatos Julian Glover Acquire the ATAC device, which would enable hijacking of British Polaris missiles and sell it to General Gogol. Bond destroys the ATAC by throwing it off a cliff. Stabbed in the back with throwing knife by Milos Columbo.
Ernst Stavro Blofeld John Hollis (body)
Robert Rietty (voice)
To kill Bond in revenge for ruining all of his schemes and dismantling SPECTRE (by controlling his helicopter and making it crash). Bond disconnects the wire Blofeld is using to control the helicopter and drops Blofeld into a chimney, presumably killing him. Gets dropped down a chimney by Bond; might have survived.
Octopussy Kamal Khan Louis Jourdan To aid General Orlov in his plan and thus get stolen Kremlin jewels. Jewels confiscated by the KGB. Dies in fiery plane crash into a mountain thanks to Bond.
General Orlov Steven Berkoff Detonate a U.S. nuclear bomb in a U.S. army base during a circus performance, which Orlov hopes will lead Europe to demand nuclear disarmament, allowing General Orlov's power-hungry plans to invade and take over Western Europe to come to fruition. Bond disarms the bomb. While attempting to jump on top of Octopussy's circus train, he knocks down three border guards, leading them to shoot him repeatedly in the back with machine guns.
A View to a Kill Max Zorin Christopher Walken Cause massive earthquake destroying Silicon Valley to monopolise the microchip market. His former henchman and lover, May Day, switches sides and removes a bomb necessary for Zorin's plan to succeed; she dies in the explosion, which causes no other damage thanks to her efforts. Plummets from top of Golden Gate Bridge.
The Living Daylights General Georgi Koskov Jeroen Krabbé Engage in a triangle deal with Whitaker and Feyador where Koskov will get enough arms to, after Pushkin's assassination, take over the KGB. Bond and Pushkin fake the latter's assassination. Arrested; presumably executed by Pushkin's government.
Brad Whitaker Joe Don Baker Engage in a triangle deal with Feyador and Koskov where Whitaker will get valuable opium to finance operations. Bond destroys the shipment of opium, ruining the deal. Bond activates a bomb disguised as a key chain, dropping a bust of Wellington on Whitaker, crushing him.
Licence to Kill Franz Sanchez Robert Davi Create an international drug cartel from South America to Asia. Bond kills him and destroys his drugs. Gasoline-soaked body set aflame by Bond, then blown up.
GoldenEye Alec Trevelyan\Janus Organization (006) Sean Bean Take over GoldenEye EMP satellite and use for profit and revenge. Bond destroys the GoldenEye by sabotaging the ground transmitter, causing the GoldenEye to burn up on re-entry. Dropped by Bond down from radar dish, framework drops on top of him after.
Tomorrow Never Dies Elliot Carver Jonathan Pryce Provoke war between the UK and China to generate headlines for news reporting and to expand his media franchise into China for the next 100 years. Bond destroys Carver's Stealth Ship in a massive explosion, destroying the missile needed to provoke the war. Forced into path of Sea-Vac remote controlled drill by Bond and shredded into bits.
The World Is Not Enough Elektra King Sophie Marceau Kill her father and seize his oil business, which she sees as rightfully hers and later monopolize oil supply due to Renard's attack. Succeeds in killing her father, but is killed by Bond. Shot by Bond.
Renard Robert Carlyle Destroy Istanbul by detonating a nuclear submarine in the Bosphurus, allowing Elektra to monopolise the oil market. Bond stops him from blowing up the submarine. Impaled by a plutonium rod shot out of the sub's core at high speed by Bond.
Die Another Day Gustav Graves (Colonel Moon) Toby Stephens (Will Yun Lee) Invade South Korea with the help of a death-ray satellite. When he was killed, the satellite is rendered harmless due to the fact that the suit Graves was wearing at the time was its control system. Bond pulls the cord on his parachute, sucking him (and his suit) into a plane engine and shredding him to bits.
Casino Royale Le Chiffre Mads Mikkelsen Regain clients' money lost in failed terrorist plot by playing and winning a Texas Hold 'em tournament. Bond wins the money, and Le Chiffre is consequently killed by Mr. White. Shot in the head by Mr. White.
Mr. White Jesper Christensen Regain money lost by Le Chiffre. Succeeds, but is captured by Bond. Shot in below the right leg and arrested, but survives.
Quantum of Solace Dominic Greene Mathieu Amalric Stage a coup d'état in Bolivia, to gain control of a piece of land rich in resources. Camille kills General Medrano (Greene's associate who'll execute the plan), and Bill Tanner, using some hacking, bankrupts Greene, making all of his efforts for naught. Left by Bond in the middle of the Bolivian desert, shot twice in the back of the head by an unidentified Quantum agent.
Mr. White Jesper Christensen Escape from MI6 custody. Succeeds, though is wounded. Remains at large.

Unofficial movie villains

Film Villain Portrayed by
Casino Royale — 1954 TV episode Le Chiffre Peter Lorre
Casino Royale — 1967 film Le Chiffre
Dr. Noah/Jimmy Bond
Orson Welles
Woody Allen
Never Say Never Again Maximillian Largo
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Klaus Maria Brandauer
Max von Sydow
The Property of a Lady (fanfilm)Jesper Nunn
Casino RoyaleMr. WhiteJesper Christensen
Quantum of SolaceMr. WhiteJesper Christensen

Novel villains

The following is a list of villains in James Bond novels and short stories that are not featured in any official James Bond film:

Ian Fleming

Robert Markham (a.k.a. Kingsley Amis)

John Gardner

Raymond Benson

Charlie Higson

  • SilverFin - Lord Randolph Hellebore
  • Blood Fever - Count Ugo Carnifex
  • Double or die - John Charnage, Colonel "Babushka" Sedova
  • Hurricane Gold - Ms. Glass
  • By Royal Command - Dr. Perseus Friend

Game villains

The following is a list of original main villains in James Bond computer and video games.

Game Villain Portrayed by
GoldenEye (video game) Alec Trevelyan Sean Bean
The World Is Not Enough Renard Robert Carlyle
Agent Under Fire Adrian Malprave
James Bond Nightfire Rafael Drake Michael Ensign
GoldenEye: Rogue Agent Dr. Julius No Joseph Wiseman
Everything or Nothing Nikolai Diavolo Willem Dafoe
From Russia with Love

Rosa Klebb


OCTOPUS || Lotte Lenya

Robert Shaw

Quantum of Solace

Dominic Greene

Mr. White

Guy Haines ||Jesper Christiansen


In addition, each Bond villain has numerous henchmen to do their bidding.

In particular, there is usually a privileged member who is a formidable physical threat to Bond and must be defeated by Bond to get the employer. Just how formidable has varied from simply adept and tough fighters like Red Grant to ones whose physical characteristics are seemingly superhuman like Jaws.

Official movie henchmen

Unofficial movie henchmen

Video game henchmen

Villainous organizations

  • SMERSH — "Death to Spies", Bond's original nemesis in the novels, though only briefly mentioned in the films.
  • S.P.E.C.T.R.E. — SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion

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