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The SPECTRE heirarchy

The leadership of SPECTRE, as seen in Thunderball (1965).

The following is a list of SPECTRE members, organized by their assigned numbers. The SPECTRE cabinet had a total of 21 members. Ernst Stavro Blofeld was the chairman and leader because he founded the organisation, and Largo was elected by the cabinet to be second in command. The members of the head board of SPECTRE went by numbers (e.g.: Number 1) as codenames. In the novels, the numbers of members were initially assigned at random and then rotated by two digits every month to prevent detection. In the films the number indicates rank: Blofeld is always referred to as "Number 1" and Emilio Largo, in the film Thunderball, is "Number 2".

EON Films

This list shows all SPECTRE board members mentioned in the official film series:

Name No. Film Portrayed by
Blofeld FRWL
Blofeld - Pleasence (Micro)

Ernst Stavro Blofeld Telly Savalas

Blofeld - Grey (Micro)

Hollis Blofeld

Franz Oberhauser
Ernst Stavro Blofeld 1

From Russia with Love
You Only Live Twice
On Her Majesty's ...
Diamonds Are Forever
For Your Eyes Only

Anthony Dawson
Eric Pohlmann (Voice)
Donald Pleasence
Telly Savalas
Charles Gray
John Hollis
Robert Rietty (Voice)
Christoph Waltz

Largo (Micro) Emilio Largo 2 Thunderball

Adolfo Celi
Robert Rietty (Voice)

Klebb (Micro)

Rosa Klebb


From Russia with Love

Lotte Lenya
Burt Kwouk (Micro) Unknown You Only Live Twice Burt Kwouk
Count Lippe (Guy Doleman) - Profile Count Lippe 4 Thunderball Guy Doleman
Michael Chow (Micro) Unknown You Only Live Twice Michael Chow
Kronsteen (Micro) Tov Kronsteen 5 From Russia with Love Vladek Sheybal
Philip Stone (Micro) Unknown Thunderball Philip Stone
Bouvard (Micro) Jacques Bouvar 6 Thunderball Bob Simmons
Cecil Cheng (Micro) Unknown 7 Thunderball Cecil Cheng
Dr. No Micro
Dr. Julius No 8 Dr. No Joseph Wiseman
Clive Cazes (Micro) Pierre Borraud 9


Clive Cazes
André Maranne (Micro) Unknown
10 Thunderball
André Maranne
Fiona Volpe (Micro)
Fiona Volpe Thunderball Luciana Paluzzi
Gábor Baraker Unknown
11 Thunderball

Murray Kash

Brandt (Micro) Helga Brandt You Only Live Twice Karin Dor
Mr. White (Jesper Christensen) - Profile
Mr. White - Casino Royale
Quantum of Solace
Jesper Christensen

Never Say Never Again

This list shows all SPECTRE board members mentioned in the unofficial films:

Name No. Film Portrayed by
Ernst Stavro Blofeld Von Sydow Ernst Stavro Blofeld 0 Never Say Never Again Max von Sydow
MaxLargo Maximillian Largo 1 Never Say Never Again Klaus Maria Brandauer
Fatima Blush Profile Fatima Blush 12 Never Say Never Again Barbara Carrera


This list shows all SPECTRE board members mentioned in the Ian Fleming novel Thunderball:

Name No. Description
Blofeld - Thunderball (George Almond) Ernst Stavro Blofeld 2 Leader and founder of SPECTRE.
Emilio Largo by George Almond - Profile
Emilio Largo 1 Second-in-command of SPECTRE and designated by Blofeld to oversee all field operations for Plan Omega.
Fonda 4 An Italian who recruited Petacchi for the plot.
Pierre Borraud 12 A member of the Unione Corse; had sex with a girl that he kidnapped for ransom. As a punishment, Blofeld electrocuted Borraud and returned half of the ransom money to the girl's father as compensation.
Marius Domingue 7 Another Unione Corse man; highly trustworthy, but singled out by Blofeld for a lecture in order to throw Borraud off guard.
Strelik 10 A former SMERSH member; shot dead by Largo for questioning the loyalty of the other SPECTRE members.
Unknown 11 Another ex-SMERSH operative.
Kotze Kotze 5 Formerly known as Emil Traut; an East German physicist who defected to the West. Later defects to NATO and reveals all he knows about SPECTRE.
Unknown 6 Kills Lippe at the behest of Blofeld for being unreliable.
Unknown 14 A former Gestapo officer.
Unknown 17 Finds Domino scanning the Disco Volante with a Geiger counter in search of the stolen atomic bombs; reports her to Largo, who takes her prisoner and tortures her.
Maslov 18 Formerly known as Kandinsky; a Polish electronics expert who resigned from Philips AG.
Bunt Irma Bunt ? Blofeld's matron at Piz Gloria who later becomes his wife in Japan.

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