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The soundtrack for "Live and Let Die" was written by George Martin, famous for his work arranging and producing The Beatles' original albums, and features many funk elements befitting of the blaxploitation tone of the film.

The film is notable for its now-famous title song, written by Paul and Linda McCartney and performed by Paul's group, Wings. "Live and Let Die" was the first true rock and roll song used to open a Bond movie. McCartney reportedly composed and recorded the song unsolicited and then offered it to the producers. The title song was famously covered in 1991 by the rock band Guns N' Roses.

It is ironic that, despite what Sean Connery's Bond said about The Beatles in Goldfinger, the theme song and musical score for Live and Let Die were written by an ex-member of the band and a man often referred to as the "fifth Beatle", respectively.

When the soundtrack was remastered on compact disc, eight previously unreleased tracks were added (15-22).

Track listingEdit

  1. "Live and Let Die (Main Title)" - Paul McCartney & Wings
  2. "Just a Closer Walk With Thee/New Second Line" - Harold A. "Duke" Dejan & The Olympia Brass Band
  3. "Bond Meets Solitaire"
  4. "Whisper Who Dares"
  5. "Snakes Alive"
  6. "Baron Samedi's Dance of Death"
  7. "San Monique"
  8. "Fillet of Soul-New Orleans/Live and Let Die/Fillet of Soul-Harlem"
  9. "Bond Drops In"
  10. "If He Finds It, Kill Him"
  11. "Trespassers Will Be Eaten"
  12. "Solitaire Gets Her Cards"
  13. "Sacrifice"
  14. "James Bond Theme"
  15. "Gunbarrel/Snakebit"
  16. "Bond to New York"
  17. "San Monique"
  18. "Bond and Rosie"
  19. "The Lovers"
  20. "New Orleans"
  21. "Boat Chase"
  22. "Underground Lair"