Locque's driver is an unnamed henchman working for Aris Kristatos' chief enforcer Emile Leopold Locque. A very minor character, he is seen in 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only.

Film biography

The driver is first seen as James Bond attends a biathlon event with Kristatos' protégée, Bibi Dahl. The driver remains in his 1974 Mercedes-Benz 200D saloon as Locque spies on 007 from a distance. After observing Bond leave the biathlon course, Locque climbs into the vehicle and signals Claus via radio. Meanwhile, his fellow henchman, Erich Kriegler, attempts to snipe Bond from above. Bond manages to evade both Kriegler and Claus, escaping to the relative safety of the Olympic ski jump.

Attempting to cut Bond off, Locque and the driver take the car to the base of the Ski Jump. They get out of the vehicle and meet Kriegler and Claus; who have both lost 007. Locque, however, notices the spy attempting to mix in with the assembled crowd of skiers and proceeds to follow him to the top of the Ski Jump.

In the meantime, the driver and Kriegler proceed to the end of the Ski Jump, hoping to snipe Bond as he comes down the slope. Kriegler sets up his shot from the interior of the car, but is unable to get a clear shot, as both Claus and Bond fight their way down the Jump. The marksman exits the vehicle, hoping to get a better shot, but Bond uses his momentum to jump the car and escape into the countryside.

The driver is not seen again in the film and his current statut remains unknown.

Behind the scenes



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