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Loti is a Hong Kong Police Narcotics agent sent to infiltrate drug lord Franz Sanchez's operations. She appears in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill and is portrayed by Diana Lee Hsu.

Film biography

Disguised as Kwang's partner and an Asian drug lord, Loti, is a Hong Kong narcotic agents who has spent years trying to infiltrate drug baron Franz Sanchez' operations. When James Bond tries to kill Sanchez, Loti and Kwang knock Bond unconscious. They take Bond to their safe house for questioning. Their MI6 contact tries to sedate Bond, but Heller, Sanchez's chief of operations, attacks the house, killing the contact and the ninja. Kwang tells Loti to fight back so they don't take her alive, but she only manages to kill two soldiers before being easily shot by Heller.

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