Luigi Ferrara is an Italian MI6 agent and a character in the 1981 film For Your Eyes Only. He was portrayed by John Moreno.

Film biography

Luigi Ferrara makes contact with Bond as he reaches Cortina, informing him of the various activities of Emile Locque, the killer 007 chases and hired the death of parents of Melina Havelock, at the behest of Kristatos villain. Mistakenly, he arranges a meeting with Kristatos Bond, whom he believes to be a good informant, and Kristatos deceives them, saying Locque be a man of Columbo, when in fact it serves itself Kristatos.

Later, he takes Bond to meet Bibi Dahl, the protected skater of the villain, to say goodbye; Bibi after retiring, he is hunted by masked hockey players on the ice in the skating ring but ends up getting rid of the three. When you return to the car to get away with Ferrara, see your contact is dead. The death saddens 007, that believes unnecessary, and Ferrara actually a man with little information and experience; when he finally about foulbrood, the killer, in a car hanging on the cliff, throws her pin with the figure of a pigeon that was left in the colleague's body, returning it on behalf of Ferrara, and pushes the car with the killer inside the abyss.