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The Four Ms (Profile)

All the major versions of 'M' depicted in the Eon film series.

M is a fictional character in Ian Fleming's James Bond series; the character is the Head of Secret Intelligence Service—also known as MI6. Author Ian Fleming based the character M on a number of people he knew who commanded sections of British intelligence. Primary amongst these was Rear Admiral John Godfrey, who was Fleming's superior at the Naval Intelligence Division.

M has appeared in the novels by Fleming and seven continuation authors, as well as appearing in twenty-three films, with a twenty-fourth due for release on 6 November 2015. In the EON Productions series of films, M has been portrayed by four actors: Bernard Lee, Robert Brown, Judi Dench and Ralph Fiennes, who is the current incumbent; in the two unofficial productions, M has been played by John Huston and Edward Fox.




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