Mademoiselle Deladier is a fictional character in the James Bond film Moonraker. Deladier is a henchwoman working for Hugo Drax, the main villain of the film, as one of his "perfect women". She is played by Béatrice Libert.

Film biography

Mademoiselle Deladier was present with La Signorina del Mateo on the pheasant hunt in the manor of Hugo Drax. They were introduced to James Bond. Next she was seen on the secret base near the River Tapirapé and after Drax's Space Station. She was one of Drax's "perfect women" who are tasked with repopulating the human race. She is possibly died when the space station was exploded.


  • Mademoiselle Deladier is scene partnered with La Signorina del Mateo during their first appearances.