Malprave Industries is a fictional multinational conglomerate which is owned and operated by the eponymous Adrian Malprave. While primarily involved in bio-tech engineering, the company also has divisions in shipping and petroleum. It appears in Electronic Arts' 2001 James Bond video game Agent Under Fire and was referenced in the console version of its 2002 sequel Nightfire.

History & Activities

Adrian Malprave originally started off her enterprise as a small shipping firm and over the next twenty-five years, developed Malprave Industries into one of the world's broadest corporate empires. Malprave Industries is also the parent company of several smaller companies, most notably the Identicon Corporation and Cyclops Oil, both of which are overseen by Malprave's second in command: Nigel Bloch.

During the events of Agent Under Fire, Malprave uses her businesses to further her scheme to clone and replace the G8 world leaders. During the climax of the game, Malprave takes the kidnapped world leaders to her corporate headquarters in Switzerland where she holds them hostage. Bond then arrives, and allows the world leaders to escape captivity, killing Malprave and Bloch in the process.

Known company assets

Known employees & associates




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