Manuela is a fellow British intelligence operative based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She appears in the 1979 film Moonraker and is portrayed by Emily Bolton.

Film biography

The character has only a small part in the film. She first appears driving a MP white convertible Lafer the streets, following Bond that has just landed in the city and going to the hotel at Rolls-Royce who came to fetch him, taking his photographs, Bond realizes and is disturbed.

When the agent arrives at his suite, Manuela is already there preparing you a martini - shaken not beaten - in the bar and presents as its Brazilian contact VH station. After a quick dialogue where it confirms that C & W letters he found in boxes in Venice are the initials of a large distribution company in Rio, a subsidiary of Drax Industries, she sits provocatively on the sofa, with the bottom open dress showing her legs. Bond approaches, sits down and pulls the strap of clothing.

In the evening the two go to the store C & W, where nearby there is a great parade of carnival and are followed by Jaws, henchman of the villain Hugo Drax. Taking advantage of a moment that Manuela is alone in the alley next to the warehouse while Bond vistoriava the interior, Jaws appears dressed as a giant doll and tries to kill her biting her with his steel teeth; when you're almost there, Bond appears and manages to save her pushing the giant killer who ends up being taken in the middle of a group of revelers passing samba on the street.

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