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Marco Sciarra is a minor character and henchman in the 2015 James Bond film, Spectre. He is played by Italian actor, Alessandro Cremona. He is the husband of Lucia Sciarra and member of the SPECTRE organisation.


M: "If anything happens to me 007, I need you to do something. Find a man by the name of Marco Sciarra....Kill him....And don't miss the funeral."
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―M's final message to James Bond
After the death of M, James Bond receives a video message, which M arranged for him to receive in case of her death. In the tape, M tasks Bond to find and kill Marco Sciarra, and to be present at the funeral as well.

At November 2015, Marco Sciarra is seen in Mexico City during the Day of the Dead festival plotting to blow up a packed stadium on behalf of his organization. Bond snipes his associates Gallo from an adjacent building and strikes the bomb that was to be used in the last Gallo's henchman attack.

The building is destroyed in the subsequent explosion but Sciarra escapes and is chased by Bond.

A SPECTRE helicopter then lands in the middle of the place to bring the hitman to safety, but before it can take off, Bond enters the chopper as well. The two mans fight inside the helicopter, while the pilot has difficulties keeping it under control. While the helicopter takes loopings in the air, Bond uses the opportunity to take Sciarra's ring bearing the SPECTRE insignia and kicks Marco out of the appareil, causing him to fall into the crowd which leads to Sciarra's death.


  • His suit resembles Raoul Silva's which means that he might have been an associate to him.
  • In his youth he might have been an Italian Fascist. This is shown as he meets his friend and presumably gives a small Fascist Mussolini/Hitler salute
  • His surname indicates that Sciarra is Arbëreshë, this means that he is the second character of the movies that has Albanian origin with Le Chiffre.[1]



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