Mata Bond is a fictional intelligence operative and the estranged daughter of Sir James Bond. The character appeared in the unofficial 1967 spoof James Bond film Casino Royale and was portrayed by actress Joanna Pettet

Film biography

Mata Bond is the estranged daughter of legendary British spy Sir James Bond, born of his love affair with Mata Hari. Bond travels to India and persuades Mata to travel to East Berlin to infiltrate International Mothers' Help, a school for spies that is a SMERSH cover operation. Mata uncovers a plan to sell compromising photographs of military leaders from the USA, USSR, China and Great Britain at an "art auction", another scheme bankrupt SMERSH financier Le Chiffre hopes to use to raise money. In the ensuing chaos and with the help of British Foreign Office official Carlton Towers, Mata destroys the photos.

Later, whilst watching the Changing of the Guard in London, Mata is kidnapped by a SMERSH agent on horseback and is taken to a giant flying saucer at Trafalgar Square. In a bid to lure her superspy father to the mysterious Dr. Noah, she is subsequently brought to his secret lair underneath Casino Royale. She subsequently escapes and during the climatic battle at the casino is killed along her father and the rest of the '007' agents in an atomic explosion.



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