Max Latimer (1933 - December 2006) was a British actor/stuntman, best known for his uncredited role as a stunt double in Diamonds Are Forever.

Latimer performed a stunt in the film's opening sequence, where he played a henchman undergoing plastic surgery, lying in a mud bath, as part of a scheme by Bond's arch-nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, to create clones of himself. In his scene, Latimer's character is drowned by Bond in the mud bath.

For the stunt, Latimer was placed in a tub filled with liquefied mashed potatoes, as a substitute for mud. Latimer was required to hold his breath during multiple takes, while fully submerged in the mud bath. Under the hot studio lights, the mashed potatoes began to create a bad smell.

Aside from his stunt work, Latimer had an acting career spanning over forty years, including roles in films such as Carry on Jack, multiple appearances in police drama Dixon of Dock Green, a part in Z Cars, as well as a guest appearance in The Goodies.

Max Latimer IMDB

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