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Dr. Mikhail Arkov was a fictional atomic scientist employed by the Russian Atomic Energy Department and secretly an associate of the terrorist, Renard. A minor villain, the character appeared in the 1999 James Bond film The World Is Not Enough and was portrayed by Jeff Nutall.


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Dr. Mikhail Arkov is a scientist who is working with Renard. Arkov provides Renard with the Parahawks that attack Bond. However when Bond destroys the Parahawks Renard blames Elektra's henchman Sasha Davidov. Arkov provides Renard with the plane necessary to steal a nuclear weapon set to be dismantled in Kazakhstan, but attempts to talk Renard out of the operation as the incident would attract unwanted suspicion towards himself and Renard. Arkov insists that Davidov has jeopardized their scheme and so Renard, in apparent agreement, forces Davidov to hold a scalding hot rock before the Devil's Breath. As Arkov smiles smugly at Davidov, Renard orders his bodyguard to kill him and the bodyguard shoots Arkov dead. Renard explains that "he failed his test of devotion".

Davidov then assumes Arkov's identity before boarding the plane for Kazakhstan. However, Bond discovers Arkov's body in Davidov's car and kills him before assuming Arkov's identity in his place. His ruse is discovered by Dr. Christmas Jones at the nuclear site in Kazakhstan, forcing Bond to pursue Renard as he steals the weapon.