Ming Kang is a fictional Chinese pilot and Secret Intelligence Service operative who appeared in the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage.

Game biography

Born to a Northern Chinese mother and a North Korean father, Ming's early life was anything but simple. Her drive and confidence led her to early experiments with bikes and sleds that became a lifelong obsesion with vehicles of all kinds. Initially a Chinese pilot patrolling the Russian border, she was turned to MI6/SIS while taking RnR Vladivostok. At the time of World of Espionage the character was hunted by Russian Mafia.[1]

Introduced in the storyline Golden Rules, Kang flies James Bond to the border of North Korea, where he enters on foot and meets up with his contact along the river. Uncomfortable with 007 going in completely alone, she provides him with a radio. After investigating a series of natural catastrophies caused by warlord Whar Zin's biological pathogen, 007 is ambushed by his men and proceeds to high ground where he is winched to safety by Ming Kang's helicopter. With assassins combing the area for Bond, Zin's biological weapons facility is left relatively unguarded, which the spy takes advantage of by having Kang fly him there.

She is skilled in piloting, driving and firearms, and is multi-lingual, speaking Chinese, Russian, Korean and English. The character offers a buff to Defence attributes and provides a +10 total Offence bonus using pilot disguises and a 1% chance to avoid damage using skis. She is a 'common agent' (white) and can be levelled to level 5.



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