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Mischka and Grischka are twin knife throwers and assassins from the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy. They were performed by identical twins David and Anthony Meyer.

Film biography

Twin knife throwers Mischka and Grischka feature prominently in Octopussy's circus. Kamal Khan and General Orlov also secretly employ the pair as assassins. When Agent 009, disguised as a circus clown, steals a fake Fabergé egg from Octopussy's circus in East Berlin, Mischka and Grischka give chase. They eventually throw a knife into his back, fatally wounding him. 009's murder and the recovery of the fake Fabergé egg from his body bring James Bond to investigate.

In Karl Marx Stadt, Bond witnesses the knife throwing skills of the twins despite being told not to leave his seating with the Russians.

Later, on board Octopussy's train, Mischka uses a welding torch to attack Bond as he enters a car housing Khan's and Orlov's atomic bomb. Momentarily blinded, Bond pulls a lever just in time, bringing the circus' heavy cannon down on Mischka, instantly killing him.

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