"I see you've put your money where your mouth is."
James Bond[src]

Mister Bullion, real name Maurice Womasa, is Valentin Zukovsky's gold-toothed bodyguard in the 1999 James Bond film The World Is Not Enough. He was portrayed by Goldie (Clifford Price).

Film biography

A seemingly loyal servant to Valentin Zukovsky, Mr. Bullion ultimately double-crosses his boss by working for Elektra King.

When James Bond visits Valentin Zukovsky at his casino he is confronted by Mister Bullion as his bodyguard.

Later in the film after Elektra King thinks Bond is dead, she gets a call from Mr Bullion telling her he has been spotted alive at Zukovsky's caviar factory. True enough, shortly afterwards Bond has to deal with the King helicopters at the caviar factory.

After tipping her off to Bond's location at the Caviar Factory and the failed assassination attempt, Mr. Bullion resorts to leaving his gold case behind in the KGB Headquarters. The bomb explodes but fails to kill Bond, Christmas Jones.

Later, Mr. Bullion escorts them to meet Elektra.

Shortly afterwards he comes face-to-face with Zukovsky who he thought was dead. When he anxiously expresses his delight that his boss is alive, Zukovsky replies with a shower of bullets.


  • Bullion was originally named "The Boa" in the first draft of the film's script and written as a hulking brutish henchman akin to Jaws. These characteristics were incorporated in the film's novelisation which also retained the character's signature gold encrusted maw, effectively making him somewhat of a Jaws knockoff.

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