A generic mobile phone modified by Q Branch prominently appeared in Electronic Arts' 2001 James Bond video game Agent Under Fire. Most of the game's gadgets are concealed in the handset, including a decryptor, grapple, laser, and remote transmitter.


Utilised by James Bond in Agent Under Fire, the Q-Branch mobile phone is a generic handset with no identifying insignia. The device's key layout is minimalist, with a pair of call answer/end buttons and menu navigation toggle located below the monochrome LCD display. While a number pad is not shown on-screen, the handset appears to (judging from the model's exaggerated horizontal hinge) utilise a sliding cover which protects the keypad whilst carried in the pocket and extends downwards in use. At the base of the phone is a proprietary charging port.

Hidden in the top of the phone is a laser-cutter (Q-Laser), designed to break locks or other obstacles, and a grappling device (dubbed the Q-Claw) for scaling walls. A program on the cell phone (named the Q-Decryptor) is capable of remotely descrambling codes to unlock doors. Whilst toggling between these various hidden modes the LCD display changes color and displays a relevant icon - green for the decryptor, red for the laser, and blue for the claw.



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