Montelongo is a fictional manager of the Banco de Isthmus, based in Isthmus City in the Republic of Isthmus. The character appears in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill, portrayed by actor Claudio Brook, and was given the name Montolongo[1] in John Gardner's accompanying novelization.

Film biography

Montelongo was the manager of the biggest bank of Isthmus, Banco de Isthmus. When James Bond arrives to make a "small deposit" in the bank (in reality, almost $5 million), he is initially reluctant; apparently deeming it unworthy of his time and energy. However, upon seeing 007's briefcase full of money, his demeanor radically changes. After he has the money counted, he establishes a line of credit for Bond at the Casino de Isthmus (both owned and operated by drug lord Franz Sanchez). Several days later Bond arrives again to withdraw the cash; much to Montelongo's disappointment. In contrast to his film counterpart, the novelization's character - now named Montolongo - is less comical, merely smiling as Bond presents his briefcase, as if to say "this was really a caring bank".[1]



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