Morton Slumber is a fictional American mortician and diamond smuggler employed indirectly by Ernst Stavro Blofeld. The character appears in EON Productions'1971 James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever and is portrayed by American actor David Bauer.

Film biography

Morton Slumber is the owner of Slumber Inc., a front for diamond smuggling and part of Blofeld's scheme to build a laser-equipped satellite. James Bond encounters Slumber whilst infiltrating the smuggling pipeline. After killing diamond smuggler Peter Franks, Bond swaps identities with the man and uses his corpse to smuggle African diamonds into the United States. Posing as the man's brother, 007 is taken by mafia hoods to the next link in the pipeline - Slumber Inc. - where the body is cremated. Bond is given his brother's 'ashes' (the diamonds) and is told to leave the urn in the mortuary's memorial garden. Taking his pay from an alcove, 007 is knocked unconscious by Blofeld's assassins, Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, who attempt to cremate the spy in the crematorium. However, as the flames lick at the coffin, Shady Tree and Morton Slumber stop the machine; as the diamonds in the urn are actually fake. Bond informs the pair that if they provide the real money, they will receive the real merchandise. Slumber's fate remains unknown.


  • As a mortician, the character's name is deliberately evocative of death, with 'Morton' resembling the Latin for dead, 'mortuus', and 'slumber' being a euphemism for death.


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