Morzeny is the fictional director of the training center of the international terrorist organization SPECTRE and the tertiary antagonist of the 1963 James Bond film From Russia with Love. Portrayed by the late German actor Walter Gotell, the character was created specially for the film and he does not appear in the novel or in the video game.

Film biography

Morzeny is the director of the training establishment of the SPECTRE. His role is to train newcoming criminals.

He first appears on SPECTRE Island early in the film, before the opening credits, as the coordinator of the training center of SPECTRE, which marks the time that the assassin Red Grant took to kill a student who wore a mask of James Bond, making clear Grant trained to run the English spy in a future meeting.

Morzeny and his assistant Rhoda rans Ernst Stavro Blofeld's training grounds on island and guided Rosa Klebb there where she first inspected, then recruited Red Grant.

Later in the film, Morzeny attends a meeting with Blofeld, alongside Klebb and Tov Kronsteen when Blofeld informs them that Red Grant was unable to retrieve the Lektor. He has Morzeny execute Kronsteen for devising a failed plan, which he gladly does using the poison-tipped shoe blade that Klebb would later use herself.

Morzeny and a flotilla of SPECTRE henchmen later pursue Bond and Tatiana Romanova on boats after they escape the Orient Express. After a deadly boat chase, Bond blows up some fuel tanks he drops into the water with a flare gun. This causes all of the enemy boats blow up and burn. Viewers witness Morzeny burning and subsequently jumping into the water.

Behind the scenes

Walter Gotell, who played Morzeny, also later portrayed General Anatol Gogol, head of the KGB during the Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton years.