Mr. Krug was an abusive South African patient planning on attending the Alvarez clinic on Los Organos island. Bond uses him to gain access to the clinic. The character appears in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day and was portrayed by Ian Pirie.

Film biography

Having discovered North Korean terrorist Zao's location, James Bond attempts to infiltrate the Alvarez clinic on Los Organos island. After arriving at the Hotel De Los Organos, Bond meets Mr. Krug in reception - a South African with a sadistic and violent temper. From his room, Bond sweeps the coastline with his binoculars and discovers armed guards are suspiciously escorting patients in the grounds of the Alvarez clinic.

The following day, Bond proceeds to Krug's room and knocks the man out cold. Throwing him into a wheelchair, Bond poses as a porter, using the man and his paperwork to gain access to the island. Inside the clinic, Bond creates a distraction by pushing Krug and the wheelchair down a stairwell while he ducks into a private room. His further fate is unknown.

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