Mr. Solo is a fictional American gangster. The character appeared in EON Productions' 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger, portrayed by British actor Martin Benson and was adapted from the literary character who first appeared in Ian Fleming's 1959 novel Goldfinger.

Film biography

Mr. Solo is one of a trio of American Mafia bosses who join up with Auric Goldfinger for "Operation Grand Slam". He had a laser shipped from Switzerland to aid in Goldfinger's break-in of Fort Knox. Solo is the only gangster who refuses to take part in Goldfinger's heist, opting instead to simply receive his payment of one million dollars in gold bullion for past services rendered. The gold bullion is placed in the trunk of a Lincoln car provided by Goldfinger and, unnoticed, James Bond slips a piece of paper with details of "Operation Grand Slam" into Solo's pocket along with a tracking device for Felix Leiter to find him. His henchman Oddjob drives Solo to the airport but, part way there, pulls onto a side-road and shoots the gangster to his dead with a gun. Oddjob then takes the car to a wrecking yard where it is placed in a scrap metal crusher with Solo's body still in the back seat. Leiter loses the tracking signal.


  • His surname would be used a few months later for Napoleon Solo in The Man From Uncle TV show. Co created by Ian Fleming shortly before he died.

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