Mufti is a fictional character in the 1983 film Octopussy and was played by Tony Arjuna.

Film biography

Mufti is the leader of the three thugs, including the Yo-Yo Killer, which are hired by Kamal Khan. Their mission is to break into Octopussy's palace and kill James Bond.

He seems to have a certain amount of fear and respect of Octopussy, as he doesn't "want any trouble with that woman" and needs a bigger payment to be persuaded. However, he might underestimate Bond, as he laughs when shown a photo of him.

On their way to invade Octopussy's palace, the thugs also deadly wound Vijay, who is observing Bond's trip to the the island disguised as a fisherman.

Mufti's final fate is unknown, however his thugs are killed during the fight in the palace.

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