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Dr. Natalya Damescu is a fictional former employee of bio-engineering company Malprave Industries. The character appears in the 2001 James Bond video-game 007: Agent Under Fire and was voiced by Beattie Edney.


A former scientific employee of Malprave Industries, Dr. Natalya Damescu left the company after she suspected something was going on within. Fearing for her safety, Damescu fled to the British Embassy in Romania with a data chip containing information on Poseidon. However, she was pursued by Carla the Jackal, a mercenary hired by her former employer Adrian Malprave. After the Jackal leads on attack on the embassy, James Bond infiltrates the building. He rescues her and kills Carla, but Damescu reveals that the thugs have already taken the chip. Bond gives chase through the city of Bucharest in his Aston Martin to reclaim the chip. He finds it and brings it back to his safehouse in a tank.

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