Dr. Natalya Damescu is a fictional geneticist and former employee of bio-engineering company Malprave Industries and its subsidiary, the Identicon Corporation. The character appears in Electronic Arts' 2001 James Bond video-game 007: Agent Under Fire and was voiced by Beattie Edney.


Damescu is a brilliant scientist, and former employee of Adrian Malprave. Before working for Malprave Industries, Damescu was a leading researcher of DNA sampling and cloning.[1] Fearing retribution after resigning from her post, Damescu fled to the British Embassy in Bucharest, carrying a Data Chip with information on an Identicon special project known only as Poseidon - a cloning laboratory in the South China Sea. In a bid to kidnap Damescu, Malprave has British diplomat Reginald Griffin replaced by a clone. The kidnapping is frustrated by the intervention of James Bond, who follows a trail of genetic samples (including that of Griffin) to the Embassy and kills the clone. An unspecified period of time later, Malprave orders her associate Carla the Jackal to lead a raid on the Romanian embassy before the scientist can trade her confidential information with Bond and MI6. 007 foils the attempt on Damescu's life and kills the Jackal, but the doctor reveals that Malprave's men have already taken the chip. Bond gives chase through the streets of Bucharest in his Aston Martin to reclaim the chip.



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