Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova is a computer programmer and the main Bond girl in the 1995 novelization GoldenEye, written by John Gardner, based on the 1995 film of the same name.

Novel biography


After a youth spent with her Grandfather, Natalya accepted a position as a computer programmer at the Severnaya facility. She worked there for a number of years and was paid in American dollars. One day, after her associate Boris Grishenko attempted to send a computer spike to the U.S. Ministry of Defense, Natalya went to the small kitchen in the facility for coffee, and heard gunfire. She then attempted to open a ceiling grate to escape, but opted for a spot under the counter.

She survived the attack, and changed in to winter gear before the GoldenEye weapon, which she had been maneuvering around the planet, struck the facility. This sent pieces of the concrete ceiling crashing to the floor. Upon feeling the cold air rush in from the hole in the roof, she used her climbing experience gained from an apple tree at her Grandfather's house to escape. Just outside the facility she found an abandoned team of dogs on a sled whose driver had died shortly before the GoldenEye strike, and she rode them to a train station near Severnaya where she sold the dogs to the station head, and bought a ticket on the next train to St. Petersburg. Natalya knew that she knew too much about the GoldenEye project to consider herself safe, and continued to drift through the railways. She got off at the Vokzal Railway Station where she bought more clothing and other supplies, and considered going to her parents' house at Lake Ilmen, but opted against it, as it would endanger her family as well as herself.

She then found a long forgotten official document in her bag that authorized her to test computers for government consumption, and headed out into St. Petersburg to find a computer store after mildly disguising herself. The store she found was primitive at best, and the shopkeeper disregarded her and only asked to help her when she was about to leave. She flashed her document and asked for a computer to test. He set one up for her, and she emailed her former coworker Boris, who had gone outside for a smoke when the weapon struck. He replied almost immediately, and they arranged to meet at a church the next day. Despite her skepticism in the existence of a god, Natalya prayed for her family until Boris came. He then directed her behind a curtain, where Xenia Onatopp waited with a hypodermic full of an incapacitating agent.

She then awoke in the technician's seat of a helicopter. She then desperately tried to awaken the man unconscious in the pilot's seat, and he asked her to locate a red square button on his console. Natalya saw it to his right, and informed him, and he pressed it with his right temple. The button then launched the cockpit into the air before some missiles that had been locked to the helicopter's coordinates when they fired struck the rest of the helicopter. He then helped Natalya out of the cockpit, and they were captured by the Russian Government who believed them to be the ones who destroyed Severnaya. They were interrogated by Minister of Defense Viktor Mishkin before he was murdered by General Ourumov, who really had destroyed Severnaya. the man from the helicopter, who introduced himself as James Bond, then threw a chair at him and they tried to escape the facility. As they made their way through the National Archives, Natalya was captured. Ourumov stuffed her in the back seat of a car with him and ordered the driver to take them to Janus. Natalya however, maintained a hope that her new friend Mr. Bond had escaped and was planning a rescue, which was confirmed when they were tailed through St. Petersburg by a T55 tank. She was taken to a trainyard where Ourumov killed their driver and left her with Onatopp. She was then taken to Janus, who informed her that she could live comfortably if she behaved, or be killed. She was soon rescued by Bond, but Janus left the train to explode with them inside. Natalya, knowing that Boris would be on a computer somewhere, sent a spike to his system and discovered that he was hiding North of Havana, Cuba. The prospect of visiting Cuba delighted Natalya, who had always wanted to visit the Caribbean.

They were smuggled out of Russia by Jack Wade, who gave Natalya the disguise and fake passport of a 15 year old schoolgirl. They arrived in America, and were escorted to a CIA safehouse in Puerto Rico for a few days before a plane was sent for them to fly to Cuba.

After finding the facility of Janus' second GoldenEye, and killing Xenia Onatopp, Natalya broke into the Mainframe server room after swinging across the spars underneath the facility's catwalks, and was able to crash the GoldenEye's navigation system. before being captured. She was interrogated, but Bond set off an explosive pen that allowed them to escape. Natalya escaped into the Jungle, and commandeered a helicopter at gunpoint, and forced the pilot to fly to the satellite dish to rescue Bond. They then reunited in a Jungle clearing, unknowing of the United States Marines retreating around them to give them privacy.



  • Natalya can speak Russian, English, French, German, and Italian.

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