Niall Dunne is an Irish engineer employed by Green Way International in the 2011 James Bond continuation novel Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver.

Novel Biography

Carte Blanche

Due to his odd walk, he was often made fun of as a child at school. He was once a combat engineer or "sapper" whose job it was to build quick, sturdy structures such as bridges. He is the brains behind Green Way's criminal operation. Dunne cares far more for machines than humans. This is expressed in the opening of the book, when he thinks constantly about regretting having to cause death, but then shoots a man in cold blood. Dunne then makes his thoughts clear by expressing that he did not want to cause the machine's death. Dunne eventually kills his former employer when Bond and the police storm the Cape Town Green Way building. It is later revealed that Dunne had all along been working for Felicity Willing, who had been the true mastermind behind the events of the novel. He is overall uncaring toward humans, but has strong feelings for his employer, Willing, even going as far as to set up a permanent safe-house for the two of them in Madagascar. Dunne is killed at the 6th Apostle hotel outside of downtown Cape Town.

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