Nicolai Basilescu was a character in the 1971 James Bond Comic Double Jeapordy.

Comic Biography

Dr. Basilescu was a plastic surgeon before being arrested for medical malpractice and disappearing after his release. He later became owner of a villa in Morocco, where he was contacted by SPECTRE. SPECTRE asked Basilescu to use his expertise in plastic surgery to create copies of powerful individuals to use their influence for their own means. After three successful recreations, one of an art museum director, one of a wealthy aristocrat, and one of a chemical plant owner, SPECTRE asked Basilescu to recreate a United States Diplomat to take the place of the real one during a "peace talk" with the Soviet Union. While the Diplomat's replacement was recovering, James Bond crashed his hang-glider into Basilescu's villa, and stayed there to receive treatment for his sprained leg, which Basilescu broke while Bond was sedated. Bond quickly realized Basilescu's plan, and knocked him unconscious before escaping the villa to tell MI6.

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