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Nicole's boss is an unidentified antagonist from the 2010 video-game Blood Stone. As Nicole Hunter's mysterious superior, he was responsible for her involvement in a scheme to topple Russian industrialist Stefan Pomerov.

Film biography

Nicole Hunter's mysterious employer asked her to assist him in bringing down Stefan Pomerov during the events of Blood Stone. Interrogated by Bond, Nicole claimed he was bigger than 007, MI6, and everything else. As if to prove her point, an unmanned drone guns down the woman before she could divulge any more information. The question of the man's identity remained unanswered although with the amount of power Nicole says he has  him seemingly being the puppeteer behind the story as well as his choice of disposing those who fail him as well as his ambiguous Appearance point to Ernst Stavro Blofeld. This is very likely including the fact that in the 2015 film SPECTRE although she is not referenced Blofeld says Do you think it a coincidence that all the women in your life end up dead?

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