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Nigel Bloch was an international terrorist who masquerades as the CEO of the Identicon Corporation, a front organization for a major black market supplier of bio-weaponry. He appeared as the secondary antagonist in the 2001 video-game Agent Under Fire, voiced by Denny Delk.


Sometime during the last thirty years, Bloch was appointed as chief executive officer of the Identicon Corporation: a botanical research firm and subsidiary of Malprave Industries. Identicon soon after became involved with a petroleum giant named Cyclops Oil. A few years later, Bloch was convicted of securities fraud and falsifying data related to an Identicon patent application and was incarcerated. Since his release from Whitemoor Prison, he apparently leads a clean record with a number of professional successes and citations in the field of bio-technology research. However, rumors of Identicon's involvement in secret illegal operations leads MI6 to believe that Bloch has returned to criminal activity.

Game Biography

In the first mission, Bloch holds CIA agent Zoe Nightshade hostage in Identicon's Hong Kong base. Nightshade was initially undercover, trying to obtain top-secret vials from Identicon but was ultimately exposed by Bloch. James Bond goes to save her and finds her tied atop a submarine being commandeered by Bloch. As the sub is about to descend into shark infested waters, Bond saves her and they escape in Zoe's green BMW 750iL. Bloch then sends his forces to kill them, whom ultimately fail. He then sends his terrorist associate, Carla the Jackal to kill Bond. Her rocket hits the 750i, and seemingly kills Zoe. In revenge, Bond goes after the stolen vials and traces Bloch to an oil rig owned by Cyclops Oil in the South China Sea. Bond pursues Bloch throughout the rig and up the complex's spire. Bloch then sneaks up on Bond and sends them both plummeting into a diving pool, which is really the secret entrace to "Poseidon", Adrian Malprave's underwater cloning lab. Bond then chases Bloch aboard high-speed tram cars through Poseiden's network of tunnels which leads them to the base's core. Bond then engages Bloch in a firefight and destroys the platform on which he stands, knocking him into the lava pit below.

Bond later meets up with the real Zoe Nightshade, who was in-fact cloned by Bloch who attempted to replace her with the duplicate that was ultimately killed. At Malprave industries' headquarters in Switzerland, the real Nigel Bloch reveals himself and engages Bond in another firefight. The quarrel ends in Malprave's office where Bond blasts him with a rocket launcher, sending him crashing though a stained glass portrait of Malprave and to his death.


  • Though unconfirmed, the character appears to be based upon the likeness of French actor Jean Reno.