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Nikolai Diavolo is an ex-KGB agent who attempted to overthrow the established world order. He is the main villain in the 2004 James Bond video game Everything or Nothing.


Nikolai Diavolo is a former KGB officer who became disillusioned by the westernization of his homeland. Upon entering the KGB he became the prodigy of James Bond's former nemesis Max Zorin. Diavolo vowed to avenge Zorin's death as well as finally carry out Zorin's plans to its natural conclusion, which is - namely - world domination.

In conjunction with Dr. Katya Nadanova, Diavolo gathers nanotechnology to create weapons of mass destruction in order to dominate the world. He is eventually killed when Bond fires a missile at him causing him to fall into an igniting missile silo.

Nikolai Diavolo is known to hold automobile races in the south Peruvian town of Puerto Viejo. For winning one of his races, Diavolo administers a large trophy and dines with the victor.


Diavolo was identified by M as an agent so ruthless that the KGB tried to have him terminated, and failed. He later meets with Dr. Katya Nadanova, who gives him the Nuclear reactor repairing Nanobot he had asked her for. She gives it to him, and his plans are put into effect. Diavolo then enlists the help of Arkady Yayakov to change the Nanobots' function from repairing nuclear reactors, to destroying anything made of metal. In his base in Puerto Viejo, Peru, Diavolo captures and kills Agent 003, and reveals himself to James Bond. Bond leaves the country, and Diavolo gets word that someone working for Yayakov was a double agent. The threat is dealt with, or so they think. Eventually, Bond returns and enters one of Diavolo's famous Automobile races, the winner of which gets a private audience with him. Diavolo orders for Bond to be dealt with and he heads to Moscow to take over Russia. Diavolo plans to do this by launching some long-since deactivated missiles with their missing warheads replaced with Nanothech payloads. Bond is able to infiltrate the facility, and deactivate the missiles: causing Diavolo to try to flee with Katya in a hoverjet. Bond shoots the plane down, but Diavolo ejects just in time. Diavolo makes his way onto the roof, where he reactivates one of the missiles and aims it at London. Bond then destabilizes the tower, causing Nikolai Diavolo to fall off and into the missile silo and is burned alive.



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