Octopus was a fictional global criminal and terrorist organisation featured in the 2005 James Bond video game From Russia with Love. The organisation was intended to be a stand-in for film villains SPECTRE, due to the a long-running dispute over the film rights to Thunderball and its contents.


After the off-screen defeat of their operative Dr. No and a failed attempt to kidnap the Prime Minister's daughter, Elizabeth Stark, Octopus began training assassin Red Grant to humiliate and eliminate the man who foiled their plans - James Bond. Former KGB operative Rosa Klebb then sets a trap for Bond by arranging the theft of a Lektor decoding device and uses it as a lure to bring Bond to Grant, who is forced to temporarily abandon his mission after suffering a defeat. Bond kills Klebb, and later parachutes onto Octopus' island where he defeats Grant and destroys the base.

Copyright issues

Main article: The controversy over Thunderball

At the time of creating the video game adaptation of From Russia with Love (1963), the film's chief villains, SPECTRE and their leader Ernst Stavro Blofeld, had been at the center of a long-standing dispute (initially between writers Kevin McClory and Ian Fleming) over the film rights to Thunderball and its contents. In 1963, Fleming settled out of court with McClory, which awarded McClory with the film rights to Thunderball, although the literary rights would stay with Fleming and thus allow continuation author John Gardner to use SPECTRE in a number of his novels. As the SPECTRE name continued to be tied up in the dispute between United Artists/MGM and the now-deceased McClory, the organization was renamed "Octopus" in the video game and appeared to lack a central leader in the same vein as Blofeld.[1]

Octopus members

Henchmen working for Octopus in (order of appearance):



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