Oddjob is a henchman to the villain Auric Goldfinger in the Ian Fleming novel, Goldfinger. Oddjob is clearly far superior in strength and unarmed combat skills to Bond, and therefore is finally killed by a blend of pure good luck and personal cunning on Bond's part.

Novel biography

Oddjob, so named by Goldfinger, is Korean-born, and, much like in the film, is extremely strong, proven in one instance where he breaks the railing of a staircase with his hand and the mantel of a fireplace with his foot. Expert at unarmed combat, Oddjob is also expert with a bow and arrow, and with his metal bowler hat. He is a ruthless killer, but also acts as Goldfinger's personal guard, driver, and manservant (though not his golf caddy). He has a taste for cats as food, apparently acquired in Korea when food was in short supply (Bond frames Goldfinger's yellow cat for destruction of surveillance film, and as punishment, sees the cat given to Oddjob for dinner). He is killed when James Bond uses a knife to shatter the window next to his seat on an airplane, which depressurizes the plane and sucks Oddjob out of the window, a fate transferred to Auric Goldfinger in the film version.


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