Olympatec Meditation Institute (Entrance)

Exterior shots of Olympatec Meditation Institute, as seen in Licence to Kill (1989).

Olympatec Meditation Institute was the fictional headquarters of the Sanchez Cartel's front organization, a religious cult headed by televangelist Professor Joe Butcher located in the Republic of Isthmus. In reality the site was an enormous cocaine production facility and distribution centre. It appeared in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill.


After some persuasion, drug lord Franz Sanchez takes Bond and a group of oriental business partners to his base of operations, which is disguised as headquarters of a religious cult. Concealed under the institute was a helipad, room for several gasoline tankers and cocaine production laboratories. It is here that Sanchez's scientists dissolve cocaine in petrol and then sell it disguised as fuel to Asian drug dealers. The buying and selling are conducted via the televangelist Professor Joe Butcher, working under orders from Sanchez's business manager Truman-Lodge. After his cover is blown, 007 sets fire to the cocaine lab which quickly spreads and engulfs the entire facility.

Behind the scenes

External shots of Sanchez's Olympatec Meditation Institute were shot at the Centro Cultural Otomi (Otomi Ceremonial Center) in Temoaya,[1] designed as a place for the Otomi people to congregate and celebrate their culture.



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