Operation Thunderball

British Secret Service confidential dossier bearing the codename for Operation Thunderball.

A military operation plan (also called a war plan before World War II) is a formal plan for military armed forces, their military organizations and units to conduct operations, as drawn up by commanders within the combat operations process in achieving objectives before or during a conflict. In the James Bond franchise there have been numerous operation plans devised by both the protagonists and antagonists, often having codenames.

List of operations and projects

Name Planner Description Outcome Appearance
Thunderball British Secret Service Succeeded; James Bond with the aid of Domino and Felix Leiter eliminated Emilio Largo along with his henchmen Thunderball
Bedlam British Secret Service On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Grand Slam Auric Goldfinger Failure. Goldfinger
Orchid Hugo Drax Hugo Drax's plan to wipe out humanity from space, via a satellite system that would release an aerosol form of a poisonous orchid into the mesosphere. Failure. Jaws turned on Drax and defected to Bond upon learning his lover would be killed as she was not part of Drax's "master race". After Drax's death, he had a near partial success due to the prior release of one satellite, which had the capability of killing hundreds of thousands of people. However, this satellite was destroyed by Holly Goodhead and James Bond. Moonraker (film)
Operation Undertow British Secret Service A British operation to recover or destroy the Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator (ATAC), a system used by the Ministry of Defence to communicate with and co-ordinate the Royal Navy's fleet of Polaris submarines. After a British spy ship containing it sinks off the coast of Albania, a hunt for its cargo ensues, with both the British and the Soviets dispatching operatives. Following the assassination of the British operative, 007 is sent to investigate. Success. 007 prevents Soviet contact Aris Kristatos - the man responsible for sinking the St. Georges - from giving the ATAC to General Gogol of the KGB. Bond subsequently destroys it by throwing it from the top of St. Cyril's Monastery. For Your Eyes Only (film)
Mainstrike Max Zorin Project Mainstrike is an operation devised by Max Zorin which was designed to trigger a "double earthquake" by setting off about 500 tons of dynamite, which would create a micro-chip monopoly by effectively wiping out Silicon Valley. The earthquake would cause a lot of the water near San Fransisco Bay to drain into Silicon Valley causing a flood and a earthquake. Failure. James Bond went into the mine where the explosives would be set and the mine was amazingly frantic because Max Zorin left and shot everyone coming out. Then the flood started and May Day, which was double-crossed because Zorin tried to kill her, she stopped it by getting the explosives out but, she had to hold the break so she died but saved many lives. A View to a Kill (film)
Cowslip British Secret Service GoldenEye (novelisation)
Nightfire Rafael Drake A scheme involving forcefully achieving globalisation - a global corporate takeover by Phoenix International. National boundaries would be eradicated, in their place continent-wide regions of agriculture, industry, energy production and research. Governments would be replaced with a single board of directors and resistance would be crushed by threat of ballistic missiles mounted in Drake's island grottos. His unassailable command centre would be the U.S. Space Defense Platform. Failure Nightfire