Ophelia "Philly" Maidenstone is an MI6 liason to the Overseas Development Group (ODG) in Jeffery Deaver's 2011 James Bond novel Carte Blanche.

Novel Biography

Carte Blanche

Philly supplies Bond with information and support throughout the novel. at some point in her life, Philly was engaged to a man named Tim, but the marriage was cancelled. Bond finds her invaluable, particularly for her ability to piece together intelligence. He finds they share many common interests, and considers pursuing a relationship with her, once he has allowed her time to recover from a broken engagement. Philly shares Bond's love of motor vehicles. Ophelia's favourite form of transportation is her BSA 1966 Spitfire motorcycle. Philly, like Bond, has nearly unlimited access to secret files. By the novel's end, she had patched up her relationship with Tim.


  • Stunt Driver Chesca Miles portrayed Philly at the Book's launch party.

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