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Mr Osato - Profile
Character information
Name(s): Mr. Osato
Hair/eye color: Brown (Eyes), Grey (Hair)
Height/weight: -- (Height), -- (Weight)
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Industrialist
Affiliation: SPECTRE
Status: Deceased
Behind the scenes
Role: Henchman
Portrayed By: Teru Shimada
First Appearance: You Only Live Twice (Film)
Last Appearance: You Only Live Twice (Film)

Mr. Osato is the head of Osato Chemicals and Engineering in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice. He is a SPECTRE henchman to Ernst Stavro Blofeld and is portrayed by Teru Shimada.

Film biographyEdit

Mr. Osato is the head of Osato Chemicals and Engineering and also a member of SPECTRE. James Bond visits him under the name "Mr. Fisher" in an attempt to see if he is linked to SPECTRE. When Bond follows an assassin of his Japanese contact Dikko Henderson, he goes to Osato's company and finds a safe that tells him a few things. Bond then meets Mr. Osato and Helga Brandt, his henchwoman and SPECTRE No.11. Osato then orders his men to kill Bond, who escapes thanks to Aki. Osato then captures Bond, and leaves him with Helga, for her to kill. Bond manages to survive again. Osato is then seen with Helga talking to their boss, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, about Bond.

Blofeld gives Osato and Brandt the strictest order to kill Bond; however, Blofeld decides to kill Helga Brandt for her failure and Osato is left on his own. Osato then attempts to kill Bond by using a fake ninja who has a knife but Bond outsmarts him. The other way is by dropping poison into his mouth while he is asleep, which because he turned over, killed Aki instead. Both these attempts were carried out by his henchmen, and Osato is at the end scene. Bond is captured by Osato and Blofeld. Blofeld takes his gun and points it at Bond while uttering the words "This is the price of failure Mr Bond", but then turns the gun and shoots Osato instead.


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