Mr. Osato is the head of Osato Chemicals and Engineering and also a member of SPECTRE who appears as the secondary antagonist in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice. He is a SPECTRE henchman to Ernst Stavro Blofeld and is portrayed by Teru Shimada.

Film biography

When James Bond follows an assassin of his Japanese contact Dikko Henderson, he goes to Osato's company and finds a safe that tells him a few things, namely a large order for "lox". Though mistaken for fish, Tiger Tanaka deduces that "lox" is shorthand for "liquid oxygen", a component used in rocket fuel, and as such Osato must be supplying Blofeld with fuel. Posing as Mr. Fisher from the British company Empire Chemicals, Bond pretends to be interested in a contract with Osato Chemicals. He is warmly greeted by Mr. Osato and Helga Brandt, his henchwoman and SPECTRE No.11.However, Osato knows the truth and then orders his men to kill Bond, who escapes thanks to Aki. Osato then captures Bond, and leaves him with Helga, for her to kill. Bond manages to survive again.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld then summons Osato and Brandt to his quarters for an urgent report, and reprimands them for failing to kill Bond. Blofeld gives Osato and Brandt the strictest order to kill Bond; however, Blofeld decides to kill Helga Brandt for her failure and Osato is left on his own. Osato then attempts to kill Bond by using a fake ninja who has a knife but Bond outsmarts him. The other way is by dropping poison into his mouth while he is asleep, which because he turned over, killed Aki instead. Both these attempts were carried out by his henchmen, and Osato is at the end scene. Bond is captured by Osato and Blofeld, after his attempt to infiltrate the SPECTRE Volcano. Blofeld takes his gun and points it at Bond, saying "This is the price of failure, Mr. Bond," but then he turns the gun and shoots Osato instead.




  • Despite working for SPECTRE he doesn't seem to be an actual member, as he is always referred to by Blofeld as "Osato" rather than a number as all other members are.
  • Interestingly, Teru Shimada also played a man with a similar sounding name to "Osato" in an episode of I Love Lucy prior to the Bond film, whereupon he greets Ricky and Lucy on their first trip to Japan.